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2 Popular Instagram Scams That You Need To Know In 2020

Beware Of These lastest  Instagram Scams


You may be wonder some accounts on Instagram with a bunch of electronic gadgets like mobile, laptops, cameras at very low cost like @Iphone 11 pro max at 100$. It’s crap

How are they gonna scam us?

Firstly when you want to buy that product. The scammer will ask you to pay them in advance before delivery, In most of the case, people ask for trust. Then the scammer will send a fake adhaar card and pan details of him/her.

Or most of the people don’t pay the total amount in advance amount then Scammer will trick you saying you can pay the rest of the money after delivery but you have to pay some money for cash on delivery service.

No matter when you pay scammer then after some time he will block you. So, 99% of carding accounts in Instagram are fake ):

2-Paytm or Paypal double scam 

Paytm double Scam is very popular going on social media platforms like Instagram. It was very simple and tricky scam done by people in Instagram 

How are they gonna scam us?

When some ask you he will pay double the money that you have sent him. Don't fall for this its scam again. firstly, the scammer provides us some fake details and screenshots of this. the scammer pretends that they do money double and they have pay to server in order to get money 

It's a social engineering technique in order to fool people. when you pay them automatically they gonna block our account Instagram.

if you ask him for the trust then he will ask you sent some amount like 100 rupees then he will send you 200. No matter you goona believe him and fall in there crap and lose your money

Thank you for reading this blog stay tuned for more updates in cybersecurity 

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