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Brute Force - Explained | How hackers hack any accounts?

What Is Brute Force Attacks?

Hackers create a wordlist mostly they make wordlist using cupp tool. In which cupp tool generate all possible password which can be matched to the original password of the account. brute force is time consumable tool. So, all cybersecurity Teams suggest we keep a strong password. It is and of guess passwords attack. moreover, the success rate of this method is low. If you had good social engineering techniques this trick for them
Every account can be hacked with brute force because any passwords are from the letter. if you keep the meaningless words as the password it also captures your passwords if you do brute force. the script tries every possibility of the letter. sometimes if our target kept a strong password to brute force that if can be 1 sec, 1 day, 1 year, or maybe 10 years .we can’t say the exact time of cracking a password. we can only say that period of time to brute force only if know the password

This some analysis of brute force a password and its time periods
A savage power assault is an experimentation strategy utilized by application projects to interpret encoded information, for example, passwords or Data Encryption Standard (DES) keys, through thorough exertion (utilizing animal power) as opposed to utilizing scholarly techniques. Similarly, as a criminal would break into, or “split” a safe by attempting numerous potential blends, a savage power assaulting application continues through every conceivable mix of lawful characters in the grouping.

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