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C programming language for beginners

 Introduction for c-programming:

  1.     Owerview of c-efficient,portable,power and flexibility,programmer oriented
       2.      Language features-imperative language,top-down planning,structured programming      and modular design
       3.       Advantages of using c-Small,fast programms,reliable,easy to  learn and understand
       4.     How to use a modern,cross platform integrated devolepment environment (Microsoft     visual studio code) to write,edit and debug your c-code

      5.     Basic c concepts-Structure of a programm,comments out put using pritf,Hello World
      6.     Make files-how to build

     7.     Variables-declaring and using

     8.     Data types-int,float,double,char,etc(as well as enums) and type definations

     9.     Basic operators-logical,arthematic and assignment

    10.   Conditional statements-making decisions(if,switch)

    11.    Repeating code-looping(for,while and do- while)

    12.     Arrays –defining and initializing,multi dimensional

    13.     Fuctions-declaration and use,arguments and parameters,call by value vs. call by            reference

    14.      Debugging-call stack,common mistakes,understanding compiler messages

    15.      Structs-initializing,nested structures,variants

    16.      Character strings-basics,arrays of chars,character operations

    17.       Pointers-defination and use,using with functions and arrays,malloc,pointer                     arithmetic

    18.        The pre-processor-#define,#include

    19.         Input and output-getcher,scanf

    20.        File input/output-reading and writing to a file,file operations

    21.        Standard c library-string funcitions,utility functions,standard header files 

                              link given below to know more about C programming


Course outcomes
    1.     You wil be able to write beginner c programs
    2.     You will be able to write efficient,high quality C code


2.Low couplin

3.You will be able find and fix your errors
 4.understand compiler messages

5.you will be understand fundamental aspects of the c programming language
You will have fun!

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