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How Passwords Are Cracked? and What are rainbow tables?

Passwords are not saved as plain text on any website at these age of the internet use a hashing algorithm to encrypt passwords, save the hash in their databases, and manages the passwords.
There are many types of hashing algrom like
  • SHA1
  • MD4
  • MD5
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-2
  • SHA-3

If you take an example of Facebook site

When you sign up for the first time Facebook. facebook ask the personal information as shown in this figure

That information will be saved in the databases of the Facebook site in this form which is mention here

all website passwords will be encrypted by any of the hashing algorithms and save the hash file in the data of their servers. because the hash is one-way function.

How Hackers Decrypt the Hash file into passwords?

Many Hackers hacks the database of the website and capture the hash file to decrypt the hash file in most of the case it is impossible but in some case, But some case like
If you use common passwords like test123, then the hackers will easily know about the hash of Common passwords with help of rainbow tables

What is the Rainbow Tables?

Rainbow tables contain passwords hashes of commonly used passwords along with their plain text form so the hacker will do the simple search on the Internet for the rainbow tables for the hash decryption. Remember rainbow tables have passwords hashes of commonly used passwords only

Password Hashplain text form
So, hackers decrypt the hash file plain text form by these hackers hacks the passwords of the many websites
thank you visiting these website stay tuned for more lessons on cyber security awareness

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