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Quantum computing - A thrillion dollor Gold mine

The Limits of Humanity In 1956, to store 5MB of data, you needed a hard drive the size of an XL refrigerator. Today, we can hold over 51,000x on the tip of our finger But we kept getting diminishing returns within the last few years. Computers are still getting faster but we’re not seeing the exponential strides we had The one technology that powers our entire modern-day lives, that is at the core of every millionaire dollar business, every billion-dollar business, brick and motor business, education, the government is at a plateau. And the person that can figure out a new way to keep pushing humanity forward? Forget millionaire, forget billionaire. They’ll be one of the most pivotal people in all of human history. The Quantum Computing Advantage Instead of just bits only representing 0 and 1's or just 2 states, thanks to quantum physics, each bit in a quantum computer or qubit can represent 0 or 1 at the same time More possible states = more possible data that can be processed at the same time This allows quantum computers to scale up exponentially faster Just like the revolution cars, computers, and internet brought forth, quantum computers have the potential to change the world Practical uses AI is the perfect candidate for the power of quantum computing Another use case is using quantum in the financial markets, stock market, etc, to predict where prices will go Cryptography is another industry that is going to be heavily disrupted Others include: Weather Forecasting Molecular Modeling Particle Physics First, it will only be used at the scientific and big business level And as the technology progresses, it will trickle down to the consumer. The Pioneers On Oct 23rd, Google achieved “quantum supremacy” Google and IBM aren’t alone - Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Alibaba, Huawei, have joined the party Apple was able to become the biggest company in the world, nearly a trillion dollars with just classical computers So how high will quantum take us?

you know what I always tell myself man if only I was born earlier so I could have bought real estate at the bottom during 2011 or damn it mom and dad why can I have been born earlier so I could have been part of the dot-com boom who knows maybe I could have been a millionaire today or maybe even a billionaire and if you felt the same then you've come to the right place because today we're going over one of those little-known industries that's on the verge of exploding so call now for just 12 easy payments of $2,500 whoo that was that was pretty crunchy in all seriousness here's the thing we all look back on all the opportunities we missed out on and think why didn't I just jump in when tick tock wasn't the number-one social media platform but hindsight is 20/20 what if there were other industries like the real estate boom like the dot-com boom like the mobile app boom where millionaires were literally minted overnight they're happening right now now maybe you could take advantage of to make you Millions where you could be the one on top ten years in the future instead of sitting at home wishing that you got on the train that is exactly what this new series is about the big underground industry is happening right now that are just on the very edge of exploding into trillions of dollars so sit back relax and welcome to the quantum gold rush [Music] in 1956 to store just five megabytes of data you needed a hard drive the size of an extra large commercial refrigerator today we can affordably hold over 51,000 times that amount on the tip of our finger but as engineers and entrepreneurs kept pushing the boundaries of what's possible with computing we keep getting diminishing returns within the last few years to put that into perspective in 1984 the u.s. got its first real consumer mobile phones the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x it had a price tag of nearly four thousand dollars or nearly ten thousand dollars in today's money a weight of two pounds and a 10 hour charge time for just 30 minutes of talk even though those specs are ancient by today's standards everything about it was a giant leap for it and nothing short of revolutionary in 2007 we got the revolutionary iPhone where every single aspect of what we knew about a phone evolved and was completely reimagined what's the effect of that pull the cell phone out of your pocket it has more memory than the all the memory made for every computer in the world in 1970 and you buy it for one millionth the cost of one computer at that time and in 2020 we're gonna get an iPhone with the revolutionary feature of having one les portes yeah things are starting to slow down and in the computer world it's pretty much the same sure computers are getting faster year by year but we're not seeing that exponential strides we had in previous years in previous decades this means that the one technology that powers our entire modern day lives that's at the core of every million-dollar business every billion-dollar business every brick-and-mortar business education government you name it is at a plateau or in other words Humanity is at a bottleneck and the person or group that can figure out a new way to keep pushing Humanity forward forget millionaire forget even billionaire there'll be one of the most pivotal people in all of human history enter quantum computing [Music] here is the most simple explanation you will find of quantum computing on the Internet to understand what allows quantum computing to potentially break this computational plateau or that we have to know a tiny bit about classical computers also known as the computers at your desk and in your pocket all classical computers at their core or made up of bits and each bit can be either 0 or 1 you can think of bits like our number system but instead of 0 to 9 numbers it's just 0 to 1 and just like our number system once we count up to 9 we run out of numbers so to continue counting what do we do we set the next column as 1 and reset the current column as 0 and you get the number 10 when we get to the max of 2 columns or the number 99 we do the same thing we set the third column as 1 we reset the first to a 0 and the process continues and for computers is exactly the same but we just have 2 numbers in each column we count from 0 to 1 then we run out of numbers so we add another column or another bit set that to 1 and reset the current bit as 0 and the process continues string a bunch of bits together and you get a bigger number string eight bits together and you can represent a letter string multiple eight bits together and you get words if we string an incomprehensible amount of bits together you get the ability to compare yourself to others on Instagram and to do other nefarious stuff on these things called computers but the problem with computers being set up like this is that we're getting to the point where we're getting to the physical limits of how many bits we can squeeze together onto a single computer chip and thus classical computer growth is starting to plateau so what does this all mean it's coming to an end are we going to have computers in the future well we're certainly investing in research it is really research it's things going on in laboratories that physicists are working on to try to invent new computers this is where quantum computers are supposed to come in instead of just bits representing zeros and ones or just two states or two possibilities thanks to some wizardry in quantum physics that is outside the scope of this video each bit in a quantum computer or equipment can represent either 0 or 1 at the same time that is literally all that separates classical computers from fancy quantum ones more possible states equals more possible data that can be processed the classical bit stores information as a zero or one and a quantum bit can be both zero and one at the same time if you have two quantum bits then there are four possible states that you can put in superposition with three cubits it's eight four qubits at 16 but grows exponentially and with just a small difference alone it allows quantum computers to scale up exponentially bigger and faster and be able to compete way more information with a fewer number of bits compared to classical computers we're talking computing something that would take current supercomputers that range in the hundreds of millions of dollars 10,000 years to compute in something like 3 minutes and 20 seconds or in other words just like the revolution cars computers and an internet broth for quantum computers have the potential to change the world as we know it and what massive change comes massive massive money but what does that change look like [Music] artificial intelligence has been said to be to the 21st century what electricity was that the 20th century and at its core AI learns through experience Facebook's picture tagging facial recognition software is so accurate because Facebook's AI has pored through hundreds of thousands if not millions of pictures to learn how to recognize faces and it's these constant repetitive calculations that makes AI the perfect candidate for the power of quantum computing a few real-life examples of this include Lockheed Martin planning to use quantum computers to test their auto pilot software that's too complex to test on a classical machine Google is also planning on using quantum computers for even more complex image recognition tasks another use case that will be very interesting see is using quantum computers in the financial markets to predict where prices will go which is a lot harder to do right now due to the practically infinite amount of possibilities that can happen in the markets the cryptography that keeps your pictures passwords credit card information and other nefarious stuff that you keep on your computer secure is another industry that's going to be heavily disrupted because quantum computers can simply break the current math equations that cryptography uses where classical computers couldn't it's so bad that the NSA is actively developing quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms that won't be able to be beaten by quantum computers and these are just some of the early use cases that scientists think quantum computers will be good for others include weather forecasting molecular modeling particle physics and the list just goes on and on but who knows when phones first came onto the scene most people imagined it would only ever be used for talking to other people no one could have ever imagined that one day not too long into the future phones will be able to surf this thing called the Internet that it would serve as a platform for this mini economy called mobile apps did you know you can order a life-size cutout of Danny DeVito and I predict the business of quantum computers will be the same first it will only be used at the scientific and big business level and as the technology progresses it will slowly trickle down to the consumer and who knows maybe one day we'll even have quantum computers in our smartphones the only problem is we don't know how to make a practical quantum computer yet meet Google as if they couldn't get any more powerful they've been pushing a ton of money into creating a viable quantum computer and on October 23rd they achieved a fancy term called quantum supremacy basically where they were able to compute a problem that would take 10,000 years to compute on a classical computer and do it in just three minutes and 20 seconds although their competitor IBM claims the same task could have been done in just 2.5 days on a classical supercomputer scientists say that Google's achievement is the modern-day equivalent of the Wright brothers first flight back in 1903 Google and IBM are alone though Microsoft Amazon Alibaba Huawei and plenty of other startups have joined the party in this modern-day Gold Rush the quantum supremacy Amazon is partnering what other starts to have their own quantum computer and making it available through the cloud IBM have their IBM Q initiative which is a community that's developing quantum software already as we speak and just like the waves of yesterday private investors and venture capitalists are starting to pour more and more money into this arena in hopes of getting that first mover's advantage the gold rush is on so I want to leave you with one final thought Apple was able to become the biggest company in the world nearly a trillion dollars with just classical computers so how high will quantum take us [Music] thank you so much for being part of the watch the end Club and be sure to let me know what you think of this new series of like looking into future businesses and industries because I really do read all of your else's feedback and I base that feedback on what to make next and if you enjoy the style hopefully visually pleasing videos for the business entrepreneurs side of things a few pixels below the screen there's a little button it's red and it says subscribe and if you click it number one it really please the YouTube guys which will help me out a ton and number two you can get more videos just like this one for free every single week so you might as well just click that red button down below right now along with the belt icon so you get notified whenever I released a new video and as always you can always disliked and unsub whenever you want so you literally have nothing to lose that is gonna wrap up this video you can follow me on Instagram I Jake trend dot IO thank you so much for watching you've been awesome I've been Jake I'll see you guys in the next one oh and Happy Holidays to [Music]

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