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The Dangerous race against AI - Artificial Intelligfence

Depending on which study you read, in the next few decades, humanity will reach the singularity. The point at which computers will match or exceed human intelligence. If you think about it, all humanity has ever achieved has been because of 3 factors: how much information we can take in, how much information we can process, and how much information we can put out. Every problem we haven’t solved yet - curing cancer, going to mars, all comes back to how fast, or how slow, we can interact or interface with the world around us The real bottleneck is the first and last factors Compare that to artificial intelligence - when it reaches its singularity point, it will be able to think like us and process info like us, except it won’t have the bottleneck of physical bodies. Humanity’s “interface” with the world, our senses and physical bodies have very “low bandwidth” as Elon Musk likes to call it In 2017, Elon Musk launched a secretive startup called Neuralink. Neuralink’s long term goal is to free humanity from this bottleneck by bypassing our archaic limbs altogether and augment that connection between our brains and the outside world with a computer chip that connects the two together. AKA cyborgs with what’s called Brain-Machine Interface devices or BMI’s It would be as non-invasive as something like LASIK surgery Once you have the BMI installed, it would connect wirelessly to an outside wearable so you don’t have wires sticking out of your head and to a smartphone app With something like this, as the technology progresses, Neuralink offer us, not just a way out, but a way in to ride the wave of real Ai, instead of being crushed by Skynet A lot of people talk about how revolutionary Ai is, blockchain, even me with quantum computing But if you think about it - all those innovations operate outside of humans, it’s just another tool we interact with But brain-machine interfaces? We’re talking about the first invention to truly evolve humans as a species Maybe they’ll look back and call this era the cyborg revolution.

well the race is here I see with several

AI experts are that they think they

know more than they do and they think

they're smarter than the action bar but

I'm very close to the cutting edge in AI

and it scares the hell out of me

it's capable of vastly more than almost

anyone knows and the rate of improvement

is exponential but we have to figure out

some way to ensure that the advent of

digital super intelligence is one which

is a symbiotic with humanity I think

that's the single biggest existential

the crisis that we face and the most

pressing one mark my words

AI is far more dangerous the news for

depending on which study you read in the

next few decades humanity will reach the

singularity the point at which computers

will match or exceed human intelligence

or in other words when humanity might

become obsolete now whether or not you

lean towards the optimistic side of

things or the dystopian side of future

you gotta wonder where would that leave



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if you think about it all humanity has

ever achieved has been because of these

three factors how much information we

can take in or how fast we can read and

how fast we can move our eyes to how fast

we can process information in our heads

and how much information we can put out

how fast can we write talk type and

swipe left and every problem we haven't

solved yet curing cancer going to Mars

whatever other issues Millennials are

supposed to care about really all comes

back to how fast or how slow flat matter

we can interact or interface with the

the world around us based on those three

factors we don't really have a problem

with how fast we can process information

our brains are pretty quick but the real

bottleneck is the first and third

factors how fast can we take information

in and how fast we can output

information to the outside world

compare that to artificial intelligence

when it reaches its singularity point it

would be able to think like us and

process information like us except it

won't have the bottleneck of ten fingers

two eyeballs aging and disease or in

other words our brains have the

potential to keep up with AI but

humanity's interface with the world our

senses and physical bodies or severely

handicapped or have very low bandwidth

as Elan likes to call it so hopefully we

can have a tertiary layer which is the

kind of a digital super intelligence

layer and in fact you already have this

layer so it's your phone and your laptop

and the constraint is just how well you

interface the the input and output speed

the obvious feat is especially slow

since most people typing with thumbs

these days so you have a very slow

output speed your input speed as much

fast to do to vision but the thing that

will ultimately constrain our ability to

be somatic with AI is bandwidth and as

AI gets closer and closer to that

singularity point humans will just keep

falling further and further back but I

think even in a benign AI scenario we

will be left behind so we have the super

intelligent blob in between our ears

computers that can help augment what we

can accomplish

but then

we have these primitive archaic limbs

connecting the two together well gee if

only there was a way to increase our

bandwidth from our brains to computers

if there was we could solve this

bottleneck problem and not only be on

par with computers when real AI hits but

maybe even read alongside it in 2017

Elon launched a very secretive Sarco

neuro link to hopefully prevent his

dystopian visions from coming true

essentially normal link is in the

the business of turning people into a textbook

definition cyborgs with what's called

brain-machine interface devices or BM

eyes where one day you can walk into a

neuro-link storefront maybe you will be

like Tesla stores and malls today and

instead of having an all-out brain

surgery where you're put to sleep

they're drilling into your head and

poking around your brain it would be as

non-evasive as something like LASIK

surgery where you're in and out once you

have the BMI installed it would connect

wirelessly to the outside of wearable so

you don't have to have wires sticking

out of your head and of course, you'll be

able to control your new cyborg

abilities via a smartphone app from

there unlike plows, I have to touch their

smartphone screen you can just think

about touching it and it will have the

same effects instead of limiting

yourself to how fast and accurately your

fingers can move on a keyboard you could

just think about what the type or think

where to move your mouse and the

computer would treat your thoughts just

like any other USB keyboard or mouse I

can already visualize the trevor wallace

videos coming but it doesn't stop at

just being able to operate a keyboard or

mouse even though let's be honest that's

probably what I'm most excited about so

I can just edit videos like this by just

thinking about it but aside from that

the applications type platform like this

will provide or much further reaching to

say the least one of the most impactful

ways that this tech will help us right

away is with curing brain diseases and

disorders which is where neuro-link is

focusing on first other applications

include helping the blind see speech

language allowing people with

disabilities to touch and feel and as

crazy as it sounds it could even offer a

form of telepathy in the future

Elon refers to AI as the biggest

existential threat to human

future but with something like this as

the technology progresses knurling

offers us not just a way outs but a way

in to ride the wave of real AI instead

of being crushed by Skynet like many

other revolutions of the past it's

really hard to comprehend what kind of

problems would be it would solve and

what problems we'll create with this new

technology a lot of people talk about

how revolutionary AI is blockchain even

me with quantum computing but if you

think about it all those innovations

operate outside of humans it's just

another tool that we interact with but

brain machine interfaces we're talking

about the first invention that truly

evolved humans as a species and just

like Tesla in the early days a neural

link are one of the very few pioneers

that have this brand new industry all to

themselves and who knows maybe they'll

look back and call this era the cyborg



now Elan and neural Inc have made some

bold claims I mean come on telepathy is

he smoking again

communicating what the brain via a

computer may sound like far-off science

fiction but how neural Lake and others

in the neural engineering field in the

past have been able to achieve this is

actually surprisingly simple not easy

but simple you may know that our brains

are really just a bunch of neurons

connected together all of your

experiences memories happiness sadness

is all a result of nearly a hundred

billion neurons working together and the

way they work together is through

electrical spikes these electrical

spikes trigger more electrical spikes to

the neurons they're connected to and

much like how complex modern day

computers and smartphones all break down

into simple ones and zeros like we

talked about in the quantum computing

gold rush video this thing happening

right now called your life all break

down to the simple electrical impulses

happening right now between your ears

you're able to move a mouse because of

the specific group of neurons spiking

together in your brain you're able to

see this video because the specific

photons hitting your eyes causes your

brain to fire spikes in a specific group

of neurons in a specific way

this is why something like neural link

is possible because our brains in a way

function via the same medium that

computers use electricity and if we're

able to create machines that can read

and create these electrical spikes we

can connect our brains with the outside

world the same way our physical bodies

do but with a computer to achieve this

neural link invented the rest the size

of neurons that can be implanted in

specific areas of the brain that we want

to interface with these threads have

electrodes on the ends that can detect

and create the electrical spikes the

neurons to use to communicate once the

spikes are detected around a group of

neurons and that information is then

sent to a compared to be translated into

computer language that we can make sense

of we're thinking about keeping a mouse

cursor still the neurons that the

electrodes are monitoring fire in a

pattern that might look like this well

you're thinking about moving a mouse

cursor up those neurons might fire in a

pattern like this and we're thinking

about moving a mouse cursor down those

neurons might fire in a pattern like

this do the same thing to record

left to right and now you have a brain

machine interface that knows how to

control a computer mouse and just by

monitoring your thoughts that are

represented by electrical spikes in your

brain and processing that in a computer

to do whatever you want or in other

words you are now a cyborg and if you

want to use be a mice to do any of the

other things we talked about you just do

the exact same thing except you would

implant these electrodes on different

parts of the brain that control the

specific function you're going after

which of course includes areas

responsible for speech to use for

telepathy and for the most part that's

pretty much the general idea behind

brain machine interfaces and if you were

to get one installed again following

neural links goal of keeping it as

non-evasive as possible here is how it

would go in the future

down to the injection of local

anesthetic a very small opening on the

skin a painless opening in the skull

below quick and precise placement of

threads into the cortex and then we fill

that hole in the skull with the sensor

allowing the scalp to be closed up over

it behind the ear we'll make a small

incision to insert the coil we will

tunnel tiny wires under the scalp to

connect the sensors to the coil that's

the process


unfortunately it's not all sunshine and

rainbows though as much as I would love

to have one of these installed in me

right now and be a guinea pig it's gonna

take a while

anything related to medicine and health

are littered with regulations FDA

approval and other hoops to jump through

that are important bar still really

inefficient and with the recent

crackdown and pressure from the US

government on the big tech giants

especially with the response to

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency I

wouldn't be terribly surprised if there

are Senate hearings over these

brain-machine interfaces in the future

on top of that there are so many

engineering hurdles from the neuro-link

team to get through especially in the

material science department in fact a

lot of this footage that you see in this

video is from their launch event that

they host back in mid 2019 we're at Elon

stated that the sole purpose of this

event was to recruit more talent when

Elon contacted me over two and a half

years ago now and told me about his

vision for the company I knew that I

wanted to join for these two reasons

because I knew that the technology was

at a point where with the right team and

the right the right vision and a

long-term vision we could do the sorts

of things that we're talking about and I

knew that with that team we could do

things that no one had even dreamed

about yet there was nothing on the

market or in laughs that fit their needs

so they had to create all of this

themselves so what they've achieved in

just two years is pretty incredible

they already have the first human

product that they're testing called n1

they've had to invent the robot that

implants all the electrodes with extreme

accuracy into the brains of mice and

monkeys and they're optimistic goal for

the first human clinical trials are for

late this year and at first I'll only be

focusing on people with diseases and

disorders that could benefit most from

n1 and very slowly they'll bring it out

to the broader public but the hurdles

unfortunately don't end there neural

link is well aware of the dangers of

privacy in hacking but we're still a

long ways away and there are still many

questions that we haven't even thought

about asking you so there is a very long

road ahead of us but even with those

concerns and roadblocks can we just take

a moment to appreciate that we live in a

world where you can solve in

prehensile II big problems like the

number one threat to me Mandy with a

start-up I don't know about you but that

is pretty beautiful

so Ilan max if you're watching this

unfortunately I don't have any horrible

diseases or disabilities of a man I

would love to be a part of your clinical

trials sign into my DMS and hurry up and

take my money please

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I have you today thank you so much for

watching you've been awesome

I've been Jake and I will see you guys

in the next one


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