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Welcome To the New Reality: Engineering Metrics are Business Metrics

According to a McKinsey study of over 400 large enterprises across 12 industries, companies with high-performance engineering teams best their competition in all areas, including revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and brand perception. The evidence is so clear that the study itself is called, “How software excellence fuels business performance,” and it concludes that software development is integral to business success in all industries — retail, financial services, manufacturing, and of course, software companies, all require a strong engineering department to succeed. Yet, many executives view their engineering departments as a “black box.” While other departments report on their success with metrics like revenue, customer retention rate, or cost of new customer acquisition, engineering metrics don’t often make it into the board deck. But engineering metrics are essential to understanding how your company is doing. They convey critical information about your company’s ability to deliver value to your customers, and your company’s potential for future success. Plus, engineering is expensive — it’s important to know whether that’s money well-spent. For a holistic picture of how your engineering department — and your business — is doing, you need to start tracking engineering metrics.

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