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What Do To If You Lose Your Android TV Box Remote

Whether you have lost your Sheild TV remote or forget to bring the Mi box remote to your hotel, thankfully, you can still use your Android TV box without having to purchase a new remote. Here I have listed 5 ways to use your Android TV if you ever lost your remote.

Before we begin

It’s important to understand the problem first. When you set up the Android TV for the first time, you use the remote to navigate the interface to save the WiFi credentials on the device. However, when you lose your remote, the Android TV would still power on and connect to Wi-Fi. But due to the lack of remote, you can’t do anything. To fix this problem, you have various options from using your keyboard and mouse to a third-party remote app. Let’s take a look at different use cases.

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Case 1. Use the Remote Finder Button

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2019 and NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro both come equipped with a smart remote. If you ever lose your remote in the house, you can simply press the button on the SHIELD TV box to set off a loud beep sound. It would be emitted from your remote and it should be audible in the room. You can follow this guide if you need more information.

This method won’t work with Mi Box or any other Android streaming box as those devices don’t have this feature built-in.

remote finder button

Case 2. Use a Keyboard & Mouse

While not all, some Android boxes such as NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Mi Box, cheap Android TV box on Amazon, etc come with a full-sized USB A port that can be used to plug in a keyboard or a mouse. If you have lost the remote and have an extra keyboard or mouse lying around then you can use it to navigate the Android TV.

connect a mouse

It works right out of the box for most Android TV boxes. All you have to do is connect your USB or wireless keyboard and mouse. And you will be able to control your Android TV box using the mouse pointer or arrow keys on the keyboard.

However, if it doesn’t work, you can manually enable it in the Settings. Use the next method to navigate using the Android TV app and go to Settings > Language and Input, > Under ‘keyboard & input methods’ select ‘Default’ and a pop-up menu will appear. Turn ‘physical keyboard’ to ‘ON’.

This should offer temporary relief and you are able to control most aspects of television, However, there is no home button or an option to go back. Moreover, the new SHIELD TV Tube and Mi Stick don’t have a USB port, in that case, you can jump to other options.

Case 3. Use Android TV app

If you’re certain that your SHIELD TV or Mi Box remote is lost within the house, you can still use your smartphone to control it. It is crucial that your streaming device and the smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Install the Android TV remote app on your Android or iPhone. Once the app is installed, open it and it should automatically discover the Android TV streaming device. Tap the device and you’re connected. You can now swipe the touchpad on the screen to navigate.

use the app to connect to Shield tv

The app is a decent alternative to the traditional remote and you can use it whenever you can’t find your remote or are too lazy to get up and fetch it.

Case 4. Create a Wifi hotspot

If you packed your Shield TV, Mi Stick, Mi Box for a vacation, and forgot the remote back home, there’s still an option. As I mentioned earlier that your Android TV box automatically powers on and connects to your home Wi-Fi, we can use it to our advantage.

So the trick here is to create a WiFi hotspot with the same SSID and password as the old network. That will trick the Android TV into believing that it’s the old network and it will connect automatically. You can then use the app to change the Wi-Fi.

To begin with, you will need two devices – one smartphone to control Android TV via the app and one computer or smartphone to create a hotspot. To create a WiFi hotspot, you can use a Mac, Windows, or an Android smartphone.  Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t let you change the WiFi network name.

For the purpose of the demonstration, I’d use two Android smartphones, one to control the tv and another to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wi-Fi name and password are both case-sensitive, make sure you enter the correct details. Go to the Settings app on your phone> find Mobile Hotspot and Tethering> tap hotspot credentials.

create a hotspot with same name as home wifi

Create a new hotspot with the same name and password your Android TV box was connected to at home. It should automatically connect to the Wifi hotspot you just created.  You can now use another phone to navigate the Android TV box using the Android TV app as shown in method 2.

two different phones one to create hotspot and other for app

Case 5. Use your TV’s remote

Finally, there is a popular feature that most people don’t use every day, HDMI-CEC. It’s an industry-standard protocol accepted and implemented by most manufacturers. It lets you control your Shield TV, Mi Box, Mi Stick using your TV’s remote. It is an incredibly useful feature for times when you don’t want to use multiple remotes or lose one.

The only caveat is this feature need to be enabled both on your TV and your streaming box before you lost the remote.

Most TVs have the feature turned on by default but just to be safe, check your TV before proceeding. Now, every TV manufacturer brands this feature differently so you may have to find out what it’s called. For example, LG calls it SimpLink, Philips calls it EasyLink, Hitachi calls it HDMI-CEC, Sony calls it Bravia Sync, etc. Look for the HDMI CEC option in the TV settings and turn it on. Now, you can just use the arrow keys on the TV remote to navigate the Android TV Box. However, every TV manufacturer tweaks with the technology and implements it in their own way so the experience may vary and some features may not work.

Final Words

These were a few ways that you can try when you lose your Android tv box remote. If you lose the remote within the house, the official Android TV app is a great solution. It, however, doesn’t work if you’re away from your home. You can easily change the Wi-Fi by following the above methods and make the device work even without the remote. Lastly, if all else fails, you can always buy a spare remote off Amazon. What do you think? Which method did you find most helpful and convenient? Let me know in the comments below.

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