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What is phishing attack? and How Hackers hack Social media Accounts?

The phishing attack is the most commonly used attack in social engineering techniques used by hackers. The phishing attack is used to steal personal information, password, credit card details more often used social media like Instagram, Facebook. twitter .etc . It is the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear exactly like the official website but it's not

How does phishing attack work? – How do we get into hackers traps?

Firstly Hacker wanted to communicate with the victim with some social engineering techniques. hackers study the mindset of the victim and search the best way to attract him so, that he clicks on that phishing link which was made by a hacker Mostly hackers use this kind of message to attract the victim
How it works ?

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Hackers create a phishing page. when you click on the link of the phishing page you redirect to the page of any official website. You’re asked to enter some personal information like the name of Facebook and password. It is mentioned one website that you can only redeem your rewards after entering the details. Hackers revise the information that you have typed in that phishing only. since he/she changes the password, mails. These methods of social engineering is called a phishing attack

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