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Zoom Hackers are selled 5,00,000 zoom credentials for less than a penny in Dark web

A few days ago, Hackers found major security vulnerability within Zoom in zoom application which leads to giving the user’s credentials but the hackers are tying exploits security vulnerability within Zoom in the zoom. The report of the bleeping computer says that hackers started selling zoom accounts credentials moreover 530,000 account credentials were stolen by the hackers. Hackers are selling over 5,30,000 Zoom accounts on the dark web and hacking forums had put for less than a penny each user accounts $0.0020
These user’s credentials not only include personal information it includes email addresses, passwords, personal meeting URLs, as for the report. Moreover, 290 accounts from the hacked Credentials were related to major universities, colleges, and private
Many Countries had banned zoom application in their respective countries in order to be hacked, it is not an instance of hackers zeroing the apps. zoom gained massive popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies manage their employee to work from their home. It had created major advantages to hackers.
FBI warns the user about the online attacks of the zoom bombing, Many cyber security companies suggest not use zoom applications and says it has a vulnerability which gives access to their webcams and user’s credentials
Zoom CEO Eric Yuan recently conducted a live conference about the vulnerability. zoom company tries keep the data safe and fix the vulnerability in the coming days

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